Public Relations

We love communication. Be it cooperate, personality or brand communication. We love to connect. We love networking. We know them all: the stars, the press, the influencers.

Our team is working with media agents for many years. We build your PR strategy and take all necessary actions in a targeted manner. You are reaching your cooperate goals with positive public image. We take care of your public relations, making your brand relevant.

Being experts for integrated and cross-media communication, we support you further in every phase – from strategy over a creative campaign idea to realization.

Our offer
  • Invitation texts

  • Speeches and moderation for events

  • Press statements

  • Press invitations

  • Texts

  • Storyboards

  • Laudatory speeches

Media relations & publications

Our field of expertise reaches from a classic business report or printed company magazine over radio sponts up to online media. It’s especially important to us to connect all instruments of public relations which are essential for the communication of the central tidings and topics, in a focused and targeted manner.

PR campaigns

They are the tool, with which we place your products, your business or also you personally into the public mind and attention. Therefore, we define the right actions and implement them target oriented.

Brand & product PR

It is part of the marketing mix to support all marketing and sales activities. We consult and support from concept to realization in print to radio and television up to online media.

With emotional aspects and the development of topics which target a positive recognition and the image of the brand, we support you on continuing brand maintenance.

Fashion & lifestyle PR

High credibility also increases brand awareness of your product massively. In cooperation with you, we design the perfect product launch.

Are you planning a fashion show? Do you want to boost your media representation? Maybe even expand your sales activities? Your company stands for emotionality and a way of life and lifestyle is more than just a trend to you? That should also reflect in your communication.

Creation of press details, press statements, collection reports, editorial content, the organisation of press events, press conferences and interview coordination are our daily business. We place your collection news in media geared to your target group – online as well as print.

Cooperate PR

We present a positive, emotional picture of your company to the public view. The image of your company will sustainably be perceived positive.

To build this up, regular and designed for the long-run placement of special interest topics is necessary. Continuity establishes trust in the audience and is the base of a lasting good company image.

Sophisticated communication appeals to the market. Define your cooperate PR. We develop all necessary strategies and design your internal and external communication.