Be it celebrity event, store opening, product presentation, conference, exhibition appearance or promotion – we are realising all different kinds of events since our foundation in 2015.

As full service provider we are equipped with know how in the areas of sponsoring, influencer marketing, etc.

Our many customers come from different business areas – hotel business, automotive industry, the media industry or financial business. Our high grade of interconnection enables us to realize events not limited to Austria but all over the whole DACH region.

We develop event dramaturgy and enactments, we create stage and room concepts. We produce films, multi media content and take care everything - from the concept over guest management, execution planing up to artist and celebrity booking.

Our offer
  • Conception for premieres, incentives, galas, product presentations, exhibition appearances and promotions

  • Location scouting in terms of contents and participant structure

  • Holistic year-round communication

  • PR strategy

  • PR work

  • Participant management (invitation, travel and hotel bookings, transfers)

  • Catering concepts

  • Event technology

  • Decoration and event features

  • Photo and video documentation

  • Press and public relations

Showcase of events

#© Andreas Tischler
Oysters And Champagne For A Good Cause
  • 4 Dec 2014
  • Amterl Baden
Numerous prominent personalities beat the drum for the children's aid organisation "ZuKi" in Baden near Vienna.
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#© Andreas Tischler
Escada Fashion Cocktail
  • 18 Mar 2015
  • ESCADA Wien
High class fashion meets art.
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#© Andreas Tischler
Buenos Aires Beach Bar-Opening
  • 26 May 2015
  • Buenos Aires Beach Bar
New beach bar at Donaukanal attracted the VIPs.
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#© Markus Spitzauer
Birthday Party
  • 20 Nov 2016
  • Rochus
For his 25th birthday, Clemens Trischler invited to hotspot Rochus.
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#© Philipp Tikowsky
Autumn Party
  • 30 Sept 2017
  • Chalet Moeller
Clemens Trischler and Roman Moeller inveted to their autumn party.
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#© Markus Spitzauer
Book Presentation "Gerda Rogers - Ein Leben mit den Sternen"
  • 22 Jan 2018
  • Summerstage
Cheerful episodes out of the life of the star astrologer - written by Clemens Trischler.
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#© Markus Spitzauer
Do Good And Talk About It
  • 29 Apr 2018
  • Summerstage
Eser Akbaba und Clemens Trischler invited to the spring party to Summerstage.
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#© Isabel Ouvrard
Summer Party And A Milestone Birthday
  • 18 Jun 2018
  • Clemens Trischler Privatwohnung
Natalie Alison and Clemens Trischler invited to a summerly get-together.
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Easter Party
  • 9 Apr 2019
  • Osterhasenwerkstatt im Schloss Schönbrunn
With the motto "Easter for family, friends and kids", Clemens Trischler invited to Osterhasenwerkstatt in Schloss Schönbrunn to a cozy gathering in creative atmosphere.
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#© Christian Husar
Christmas Party Writzmann & Partner
  • 5 Dec 2019
  • Writzmann & Partner
Gerda Rogers and Sylvia Graf took the "Ö3 Sternstunden" to Baden and asked to come their exclusive and humorous shining hour.
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#© Markus Spitzauer
Book Presentation "Alles für den Ruhm"
  • 11 Jun 2020
  • Café Westend
Maren Gilzer and Clemens Trischler presented their joint Book "Alles für den Ruhm".
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#© Anna Victoria Kohl
Femme Fitness Press Shooting
  • 18 May 2021
  • Femme Fitness Wien
An Exclusive Press Shooting In The Heart Of Vienna.
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#© Moni Fellner
Office Opening
  • 19 May 2021
  • Clemens Trischler Management Headoffice
Waiting has an end - finally events are permitted again and thus Clemens Trischler invited his protégés to a private reunion.
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#© David Groschl
25 Years Auhof Center And Presentation Of The New Testimonial
  • 6 Oct 2022
  • Auhof Center
At the anniversary celebration of the Auhof Center the owner Peter Schaider presented star astrologer Gerda Rogers as the new testimonial for both of his shopping centers.
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#© Christian Husar
Christmas Party Writzmann & Partner
  • 25 Nov 2022
  • Autohaus Gramsel
The tax consultant office Writzmann & Partner invited to their "Art Weihnachtscomedy" to Autohaus Gramsel in Baden.
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#© Jürgen Hammerschmid
"Seitenblicke Night Tour" Charity Punsch
  • 29 Nov 2022
  • Alm Advent
Clemens Trischler and Peter Schaider jun. donated 12.000 Euros for "Seitenblicke Night Tour" in support of "Licht ins Dunkel".
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#© Jürgen Hammerschmid
Perfume presentation
  • 14 Mar 2023
  • Regina Margerita
An evening of fragrances with Gerda Rogers and Clemens Trischler.
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Werzers Season Opening 2023
  • 31 Mar 2023
  • Werzers Hotel Resort Pörtschach
Brilliant season opening at Wörthersee.
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